Sweden proposes comprehensive ban on gambling with credit

The Swedish Ministry of Finance has proposed an enhanced ban on the use of credit for gambling, which aims to curb gambling-related harm or irresponsible gambling. Existing regulations already prohibit licensed operators from offering credit under the Gambling Act, but the new proposed measures enforce a more robust approach.

The Ministry has highlighted the link between irresponsible gambling and the increased risk of ‘over-extending’. To mitigate this risk, the proposed measures would prevent operators from processing deposits or bets financed through credit.

Spelinspektionen, the national regulator, is expected to set requirements for these measures, ensuring improved duty of care efforts by licensees.

According to a recent comment by Niklas Wykman, Minister of Financial Markets, “If approved, the measures will begin to come into effect from 1 September this year, with the full credit ban in place by 1 April next year”. Spelinspektionen has long supported stringent measures to curb credit card use in gambling, aligning with global trends seen in the UK and Australia.

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