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eBanking & eMoney Services

eBanking is rapidly gaining in popularity as a secure and reliable alternative for customers who need to carry out transactions online.

The growing number of eWallet and eMoney solutions globally has made it easier than ever before to quickly and efficiently transfer funds digitally, however, this has attracted the attention of both legitimate customers and malicious users. While fraud checks and sanctions screening are helping to safeguard operators and customers from threats, the next logical step for this industry is to add transaction monitoring for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) to its real-time armoury.


Challenges in the industry

Maintaining excellent levels of compliance in every market

Operating in a complex regulated environment such as financial services requires entities to adapt to a fresh set of challenges every so often. Failure to comply with these rules can result in businesses risking hefty fines and potential loss of licence, not to mention blacklisting with regulators and governments.

Without a dedicated and automated compliance platform, internet banks and money transfer services will soon find their operations overwhelmed by the sheer volume of user transactions they have to monitor in real-time. It is impractical to manually keep track of unusual customer behaviour and important usage trends are often missed; this results in missed opportunities to deliver a more secure and reliable service.


Partnering with ComplyRadar

Superior Case Management which allows staff to collaborate seamlessly with partners

ComplyRadar’s platform helps entities streamline AML efforts by leveraging AI systems to intelligently and efficiently monitor thousands of transactions in real-time. Our algorithms utilise statistical information to understand customer behaviour and flag any risky activity.

The simple and user-friendly UI and rule designer can be combined with third-party data services such as PEP screening tools and electronic identity verification. Additionally, the sandbox testing environment allows users to test detection rules and results before deploying to live websites, thus ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the system.

Another advantage of ComplyRadar’s system is that it gathers all your compliance information, investigation, audits of events, and case history on a single platform. With the benefit of a unified point of reference, your staff can safely share case data and collaborate on investigations with external partners.

The Benefits


Identify suspicious behaviour

Monitor transactions in real-time for a ‘whole picture’ analysis of a customer’s profile, risk levels, and predicted future activity



Minimise false positives by tailoring scenarios to customer or transaction risk and focusing on regulatory priorities


Increase effectiveness
over time

Tune rules through back testing without the need of technical personnel


Give regulators and customers confidence

A ‘tried & tested’ system with a clear audit trail of monitoring and investigations


Implement quickly, easily and securely

Easy to implement REST API or batch file upload

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Let us provide you with a customised product demo on simulated data to ensure you see the solution in action relative to your business requirements.

Request A Personalised Demo Today.​

Let us provide you with a customised product demo on simulated data to ensure you see the solution in action relative to your business requirements.

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