Case Management

The ability to monitor transactions in real-time is of outmost importance, however keeping an adequate audit trail of what the platform captures, as well as the human-interactions made is equally important. ComplyRadar’s Case Management module offers a framework where user interaction and actions conducted on the platform or outside of it, can be logged with a timestamp noting who took them and feature any accompanying notes.

Facilitate communication

The ability to know and understand where incidents occur, what actions have been taken and the reasoning behind the decisions, satisfies the regulators requirements for auditing purposes.

Through the presented business workflow, notes and tasks, ComplyRadar allows coordination and communication between departments or persons during Case Management. It does so by eliminating unnecessary time-consuming processes that typically use different tools to communicate, track user’s interactions through the platform and possibly with the customer. This gives team members more time to focus on the investigations at hand.

Dashboard statistics also give a rapid overview of statistical data on team and individual performance. This enables management to identify process flaws, address potential team training requirements and understand the process performance as a whole.


Flagging transactions for further investigation

Cases are typically created in response to a flagged transaction/activity, such that the activity can be automatically linked to a case to provide further reasoning and information to the case. 

If additional activities are flagged for the same customer whilst a case is already opened for the same Business Function (AML, Fraud or RG), ComplyRadar will allow the user to append to the existing case, such that the information is captured whilst avoiding duplicate work due to multiple ongoing investigations on the same customer. 

Any information gathered through the investigation of a flagged transaction is automatically added to the case when opened or linked.

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