Responsible Gaming

Problem gambling is harmful to psychological and physical health. People who live with this addiction may experience depression, migraine, distress, intestinal disorders, and other anxiety-related problems.

Managing problem gambling effectively

In most cases, gambling is not problematic, however, trends indicate that the consequences can be dire for individuals who develop a gambling problem. The advent of the internet has made gambling incredibly accessible to everyone through online betting platforms and games of chance.

As gambling has become more accessible, the number of lives negatively affected by gambling has also increased. It is estimated that for every 125 adults, one individual is thought to have a gambling problem. It is the gambling operator’s legal responsibility to minimise the risk as much as possible for players.

Gambling businesses have a legal obligation to keep an audit trail of all customers interactions, affordability checks, reality checks, otherwise, they risk receiving a bad reputation and severe fines from the regulator which will often go into millions of euros.


Sophisticated 360° rules engine detects risky behaviour at the earliest stages

ComplyRadar’s RG module can monitor thousands of transactions per minute in real-time and send you alerts on potential problematic playing patterns. Our 360-degree rules engine enables you to automatically compute running values and statistics to define complex scenarios for early detection. Using this approach, the module will highlight when a customer’s activity is starting to become problematic and alert the RG team in real-time.

Take it one step further and configure ComplyRadar to segment your players according to income and keep tabs on when a player is spending beyond their means. Our approach to Responsible Gambling is to ensure that your organisation remains fully compliant while giving top priority to customers’ well-being.

ComplyRadar provides users with sophisticated tools to assist with reducing false positives. This is a major problem which we address through the use of AI, AI acting as the filter which allows users to prioritise on activities that have the highest probability of being actually illicit activity.

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