ComplyRadar Levels Up Transaction Monitoring with a new AI Module: Get Answers, Not Just Alerts

Transaction monitoring solutions are essential for fighting financial crime, but information overload can slow you down.  Imagine a system that not only detects suspicious activity but also delivers insights and answers at your fingertips.  ComplyRadar’s groundbreaking AI module is turning this into a reality. Here’s how ComplyRadar’s new feature empowers you to gain deeper intelligence […]

Switzerland’s AML Landscape: A Transformative Journey

Money laundering poses challenges in Switzerland, a global financial hub. Historically linked to drug trafficking, corruption, and financial crime, the nation responded with robust AML measures. In the 1990s, Switzerland addressed money laundering, aligning with international standards. In 2014, it embraced transparency by sharing financial information globally. Over the years, AML regulations evolved, focusing on […]

The Future of Fighting Financial Crime is Here: How ComplyRadar Makes Transaction Monitoring a Superhero

Remember that clunky transaction monitoring system that slowed you down and missed the real bad guys?  Yeah, those days are over!  The future of fighting financial crime is intelligent, connected, and user-friendly, and ComplyRadar is leading the charge. ComplyRadar’s transaction monitoring solution uses machine learning to outsmart criminals, analysing mountains of data to sniff out […]

FIAU publish their Supervisory Plans for 2024 – 2025

The Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) has published a new newsletter detailing their supervisory plans for the upcoming cycle. This newsletter provides valuable insights into the supervisory activities and priorities the FIAU has set for 2024 – 2025. WHY DOES THE FIAU UNDERTAKE AML/CFT SUPERVISION? Products and services offered by subject persons can be attractive […]

Exploring the Pinnacle of AML Innovation with ComplyRadar

In the ever-changing landscape of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance, remaining ahead of the curve is not just an advantage; it’s an expectation and requirement. At ComplyRadar, we embrace this ideology, consistently pushing boundaries to deliver a sophisticated solution which allows our clients to act and respond proactively to ML and Fraud risks. As customers demand […]

Enhancing Financial Integrity: The Significance of a Risk-Based Approach to Transaction Monitoring

In today’s convoluted financial landscape, ensuring compliance with regulations and identifying illicit activities like money laundering and fraud proactively has become a top priority for organisations worldwide. A risk-based approach to transaction monitoring emerges as a powerful solution, strategically addressing the evolving challenges that financial entities face. The False Positive Overwhelm Imagine a bank struggling […]

Tackling Trade-Based Money Laundering (TBML)

Trade-Based Money Laundering (TBML) is a sophisticated method used by criminals to complicate and disguise the origins of illicit funds through global trade transactions. Unlike traditional money laundering through financial institutions, TBML exploits the complexities of international trade. TBML is similar to a tricky dance where criminals manipulate invoices, transactions, and paperwork, creating a confusing […]

Unveiling the power of risk-based transaction monitoring in modern compliance

In today’s intricately woven financial landscape, the paramount objective is to ensure compliance with regulations while proactively identifying and thwarting illicit activities such as money laundering, fraud and terrorist financing. Organisations worldwide have elevated this mission to the top of their priority lists. In response, a risk-based approach to transaction monitoring has emerged as a […]

Navigating the EU AI Act: A Proactive Approach to Compliance

As the EU’s AI Act ushers in a new era of AI regulation, businesses are looking to ensure the solutions which they have invested in and planning to invest in align seamlessly with the Act’s core principles. Here’s how the landscape of AI compliance unfolds: 1. Risk Classification and Regulation The Act emphasises categorising AI […]

Maximising Financial Crime Prevention: The Power of Coordinated Controls

In present day, the threat of cybercrime looms large, and organisations are rightfully concerned. However, addressing these concerns and effectively preventing financial crimes requires a comprehensive and sophisticated approach that goes beyond isolated efforts. At ComplyRadar, we firmly believe that the key to success lies in better coordination between anti-fraud and anti-money laundering (AML) controls, […]